Friday, July 4, 2008

Newest Feral Kitten-Lily

About 3 weeks ago I had brought this kitten into the house to clean her eyes and then put her back outside. We hadn't seen or heard her since then, so we figured she had died, she was so tiny when I brought her in. Well yesterday we kept hearing a kitten meowing but couldn't find it. While sitting outside last night I told my husband to get the flashlight because we really needed to find this kitten. He found her, she had came out of hiding and was right outside the door.

I immediately thought that no it wasn't her but lo and behold it was! She is still tiny(runt of the litter), her brothers and sisters are a lot bigger and can eat on their own. She is having a hard time with it. So my husband decides that she needs to come back in since she had cried all day because the mother ignored her. So we fed her and put her in a pet carrier and let her sleep in the house. This morning we tried putting her out but the mother cats wouldn't have anything to do with her, we believe they are all dried up.

So yes she is back in the house and will not be put back out, we live where coyotes are always in our yard and don't want to take a chance on them getting her(she's a big time meower)!


Jamie Ferraioli said...

she's too cute! kittens are my weakness

oblinaknit said...

oh my gosh - she is a cutie - what a wonderful home she has!

MelsDolls said...

awwwww, she's adorable! :)

NYPapercrafter said...

She is so cute.