Thursday, July 31, 2008

School Clothes Shopping

My daughter wants to get a headstart on school clothes shopping so we are heading to Reno to do that. I am not a shopper so it is very hard for me to do this. Malls for me are the worst, anxiety attack waiting to happen! It wouldn't be so bad but she loves shopping, go figure! So I will do the best I can so that she can enjoy herself and not be pressured to hurry up for mom's sake.

Then you have the husband that is all excited to go to his kind of places, Harbor Freight, Lowes, Exotic Wood Shop, etc.

Me, I will be the one standing as close to the doors of these places as I can so that my exit will be fast when the anxiety hits!

Last time we went shopping in the mall, I ended up letting my daughter and her friend do their shopping and I walked the whole outside of the mall until she got done.

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