Friday, July 11, 2008


Even though we aren't selling at the moment, I am constantly on Etsy. Admin has asked for help from the members to flag items that do not belong on Etsy. Since I have the time, I do look for resellers. I have found quite a few of them, most in just a few minutes of browsing. So if I can do it why can't admin do it?

When I send a flag to admin I always try to include proof that the items in question are mass produced and not handmade and are being sold by every Tom, Dick & Harry on the net somewhere! Now in this flagging I don't flag supplies or vintage as I know they are allowed.

Even though I try to send enough proof to show admin why these flagged items don't belong, the shops in question are still being allowed to sell, more and more buyers are getting items they believe to be handmade.

Since Ebay has changed so much, their sellers are trying to find new venues for their items and from the looks of things they have found Etsy. It would be nice if they would read the TOS and know their items aren't allowed.

I do a lot of investigating about the shops I find and sometimes I can't find the item elsewhere on the net but I know deep down they are mass produced and get frustrated when I can't prove it. One sometimes only has to look at the photo, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know they aren't handmade! Sometimes the shop forgets to take the company's name off of the photo they took from the company's site.

Somebody started a blog named Flaggy but the items haven't changed for awhile so I don't know if they have the time to keep it up. It shows mass produced shops and the proof that they are.

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