Monday, October 27, 2008


One isn't suppose to bring up Etsy transactions in the forums so I am doing my ranting here!

I am usually not a complainer, when I receive something that isn't up to my standards but feel with a little work I can get it to work especially if the cost wasn't that high, I will go ahead and keep it. I will though let the person I bought it from know that their product wasn't up to the standards their description made it out to be. When I say I don't want a refund that I will work with the items that is exactly what I mean!

If you describe your items to a T, you won't have to say to yourself, if I don't refund I might get a bad feedback.

Please don't use the excuse, that was the way I received them from my supplier. If that was the case, I would be sending them back for a refund and finding myself a new supplier to deal with! If you knew they were bad in the first place they should of never been listed and sold!

One should be able to use their purchase the minute they open their package, one should not have to let the seller know their item/items were not as described and now they have to search once again and pray this time they get a product they can use right away.

Yes, you refunded my money, even though I didn't ask you to, but you also wasted my time!

We are starting to learn new crafts and thought it would be great to get our supplies off of Etsy, well so far that isn't going too well. Now don't get me wrong we have gotten some beautiful supplies and have been pleased with those items. I know, don't let one or two bad apples spoil it for the rest! We have ordered once again and so far the seller has been great, here's hoping the products are too!

Hubby said the heck with it, let's go to Ebay, if the supplies from Etsy keep being bad that is exactly what we will be doing!

So Etsy suppliers out there, please make sure your product will be usable when your buyer receives it!

Rant Over!

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Alpaca Granny said...

Your rant is deserving if you didn't get what you wanted. I do think that sometimes it's hard to describe my fibers.