Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Craft

Hubby and I are trying to learn some new crafts. I am attempting chainmaille and he is doing wire wrapping/jewelry. So far I have learned the Byzantine, European 4-1, Helm, Shaggy loops. A few of the weaves look so easy but when trying to learn them I just can't figure them out, for instance the Half Persian 3-1 is driving me crazy, for some reason my mind won't grasp what I need to do and of course my fingers just don't know how to hold it to get it to work! I have looked at several different tutorials and nope, can't do it even will all that help! I will get it eventually, the Helm took me awhile to figure out, but I did it!

Another is the Scherzo but I think my problem there is I don't have the right size rings. I have some ordered but of course they are on backorder!

My very first pair of chainmaille earrings I made I gave to my daughter. She wore them to work one night and a fellow co-worker asked her where she got them, she told her my mom made them, well she ended up making a sale for me and I delivered the co-worker's earrings to her the next day!

I am truly amazed with people who can do this form of art.

Hubby is doing great with his jewelry making. He always asks our daughter if the things he makes looks alright. She is honest with him and tells him what if anything he needs to change.

We both have a lot to learn in doing all of this, especially mm sizes. Don't know if we will open another store and start selling or not. We plan on seeing what happens at a craft fair we will be doing nearer to Christmas.

Will post some photos of things we have made as soon as I can get some.

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