Saturday, September 6, 2008


My daughter loves to come up with her own recipes. Combination ingredients that most of us wouldn't even think of let alone even taste test! She has a recipe to which she uses wonton wrappers. While making them today I asked her if I could put her recipe on my blog. Her answer to me: No! I asked her why. She said because some day she would be watching tv and there would be somebody famous making her recipe and I would be at fault! I had to laugh, she is probably right. Maybe someday she will make a recipe book with all her concoctions.
I don't care for them but my husband loves them! The sad thing is she doesn't share them enough with him!

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Karen said...

Thanks for your comment about the hard-boiled eggs. I would have thought that putting raw eggs in boiling water would make the eggs crack! BEG your daughter to share her wonton recipe!! :)