Sunday, September 7, 2008

Teenagers-Gotta Love Them!

Just when you think you are going to have a nervous breakdown due to the fact your teenager is driving you cuckoo they do something out of the blue to see them once again for who they really are. That sweet, kind, considerate, no backtalk kid you have wondered what happened to.

I am not a clothes person and will wear my clothes I have until there is nothing left to them. Holes in my pants, faded t-shirts, etc. I hate shopping so I just don't! I wear my husband's t-shirts! My sister knows how much I hate to shop so she will every so often send me clothes.

Well with my trip coming up to Vegas I have been in a panic as what I am going to wear, we are going to a show and a nice restaurant so I need to look better than I do when home. My sweet teenaged daughter took her own hard earned money, made me go shopping and bought me all new clothes to wear, a new purse, and my toiletries. Now I guess I won't look like a bum when I meet up with my family.

Well since I have new clothes I figured I needed a more stylish haircut to go along with them. Boy was I wrong, should of left well enough alone. Hate my hair now but in the long run it will grow out!

So just when you think there is no hope, they surprise you!

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