Monday, April 16, 2007

Etsy is very slow today, needed to get away from there! Sold a set of seahorses. Now need to finish up items David has made. He scrolled a Mountaim Goat Arrowhead Clock out of Wenge and a Bighorn Sheep(Buck) Arrowhead Clock out of Jatoba. Beautiful exotic woods but very hard to work with. Ended up breaking 3 drill bits while drilling into the Jatoba. These are for my brother. They will definately be the last ones we do, out of those two woods. I still have to get them stained and sealed. He finished a Wolf Arrowhead Clock also, it is stained but not sealed. I should be finishing them all instead of being on the comp but having a hard time with the odors so taking a break! He is working on a Bear one next, scrolling on it for about an hour after he gets home from work. Will be posting the photos of them when finished.

I really thought the Bighorn Sheep(Buck) was my favorite, but after seeing the Wolf, I'm not so sure now!

More later!


Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

Well, congrats on the sale you did get. I would like to trade blog links with you. I already added yours to mine. Thanks.

WoodNVisions said...

Have you listed, Thanks