Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Featured Etsy Seller

This month's featured Etsy seller is "woodturner". He has been woodturning since 1995. Here is what he has to say about woodturning:

What is it about woodturning that intrigues me so much over conventional woodworking? I've concluded that it must be the freedom to create, without being bound by measurement. The thing I enjoy most is making something beautiful from a chunk of wood destined for the fireplace!To take an ordinary log and watch the beauty of the wood grain and the character of the wood's flaws become exposed as I turn, is exciting. The knots, swirling wood grains, patterns left by fungus in deteriorating wood and natural cracks and voids make each turned object unique and full of character. I finish each turning to accentuate the beauty hidden in the wood and hope each one turns into a keepsake.

Check out his shop:

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