Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Etsy Supply Let Down

We have been ordering some of our jewelry supplies off of Etsy. I am beginning to think the sellers of supplies do no quality control when shipping out their items, if they were we wouldn't be receiving the crap that we have been. Take a look at the photo and see what we got for Vintaj charms, one isn't even antiqued, it is still in brass form. Now tell me, how are we suppose to make a beautiful pair of earrings out of mismatched metals! I sure wouldn't buy them if they looked like that!

We could understand if it was just 1 order that was messed up but it has been numerous orders that have been crap. Come on supply sellers, take pride in what you sell and do some much needed quality control.

Now we aren't saying every supply seller on Etsy sells crap, we just haven't found the ones that don't.

We have received some beautiful items and that tells me that, that seller takes pride in their items and wants their customers to get what they paid for without having to go through the hassle of having to send them back and wait for the returns.

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