Sunday, January 25, 2009


Another post about the learning of the art of chainmaille! It's a lot harder than one would think when deciding to finally begin doing it! Like I said before I have learned Byzantine, Helm, Boxchain, Aura, and a few others. I still to this day can't figure out how to do half persian 3-1, I am unable to hold the rings the right way to get it started, very frustrating! I have however finally thanks to BeadandButton magazine figured out how to do Full Persian, still having a few problems getting my rings right but now atleast know the way it all goes together, so in other words practice, practice, practice.

I have been using colored copper wire to do all of my chainmaille but want to start making lighter weight items using anodized aluminum. Want to make a necklace for a diabetic friend but need it to be lighter for her, have already made her 3 different bracelets so she can change them out when she tires of one.

I have made a lot of bracelets, bookmarks for the employees of a casino here and they all just love them. Others are now wanting them, so looks like I will be busy!

Making my sister a boxchain in black and yellow for her favorite team, The Steelers.

Well back to figuring out what other weaves I can figure out!

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