Friday, November 14, 2008

Your Pets

Somebody brought up a problem they were having with their pet in the forums. Got me to thinking, if your pet is having problems and you have done everything imaginable to figure out how to stop this problem but the problem still exists, do you then get rid of said pet and by doing so pass their problems onto somebody else or do you just learn to live with it?

Myself, when I bring a pet into my home it is for life! We have had the same problems but have learned to deal with it. We have removed all carpeting, we actually use wrought iron furniture(cats can't destroy it), and we have had all pets fixed (solved a lot of problems). We love our animals and even though through the years they have destroyed numerous things, I could never just say the heck with it, out you go.

I agree some animals just don't fit into certain homes and they become stressed, which in the long run is the root of their problem.

We are dealing with a problem with most of our cats right now, has cost us a lot of money so far and the problem still isn't over with yet. People will tell me to just throw them outside, I don't think so, I will just deal with the problem because some way some how there will be a solution to it.

People ask us how do you live with so many cats, we just tell them we have adapted our lifestyle to include them. My brother visited this summer and when he got home he called my mother to tell her my cats rule my household. I have to agree!

I guess I look at it as if my child was having a problem that I couldn't fix, would I just throw them away or would I just learn to live with it. I would learn to live with it and believe me I have! Teenagers!

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Alpaca Granny said...

My four legged friends are one of the most important factors of my life. I do believe though that it is our responsibility to "put them down" in some circumstances.