Saturday, May 12, 2007

New Featured Etsy Seller

Moonfairy is my newest featured Etsy seller. I asked her to tell me alittle about herself and this is what she had to say:

I'm an 18 year old girl living in Puerto Rico. I'm going to college next year to major in chemistry, eventually heading to med school, all while still making jewelry and drawing. I like making jewelry because I've always loved wire. I made my first wire sculpture at six. So, when I learned I could make wire jewelry, I knew I had to try it out. I love everything having to do with the wire, sculpting it into animal forms, making chains, filing each piece so it doesn't scratch a person's skin. It's tedious work, but it's lovely. I don't use a jig for bending wire, and I love how manipulating wire with my hands forms beautiful things.

I'm inspired by nature and emotions. Living in this tropical paradise, I'm surrounded by beautiful fauna and flora, by beaches, by mountains and forests. Emotions come from within, of course, I find that even sadness has its own beauty, and if I could achieve a good representation of an emotion or nature in my pieces, I'm happy. With my drawings (which I've yet to list online), I am completely inspired by a mixture of my childhood fantasies, the horrors I lived through, my nightmares, and religion.

I know I'm young, and I've only taking one beading class in my life, but I love this, I love my wire (as if that weren't obvious by now, hehe), but as I grow, I hope my work grows more beautiful and mature as well.

She told me I could edit what she wrote, but I chose to leave it as she wrote it. She has a knack for writing and that is what drew me to look at her shop. She is helpful on the Etsy forums and isn't afraid to state her opinion about a topic especially if she is passionate about it.

So check out her shop and lets all help her make it to Med School!

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