Sunday, March 11, 2007

Upcoming items

We just finished a wooden seahorse, turned out very cute. Just have to put a sawtooth hanger on it, then we will list it. David has been working on a snow owl out of pine for awhile now(in between custom orders), it is beautiful. We will leave it unfinished so the person who purchases it can do what they want with it, he says it would look great if somebody whitewashed it, due to the fact it is a snow owl. Owls are one of David's favorite items to scroll so I don't know if I'm going to get him to list it for sale or not!!!

Sent off our baby shower gift to Whittamore, hope she likes it. Kind of hard to come up with baby items to scroll out of wood!!! Working on another one, the pattern was messed up when we got it so after we make a few alterations to it, we'll get started on it. I actual feel it will be one of our best sellers.

Also today is my son's 30th birthday, so Happy Birthday to him!!!!

Until next time!!!!


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ShyViolet said...

I just checked out some of your work. It's gorgeous! I'm totally impressed. Just... wow. Best of luck on selling!